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"People inspire me, how they speak, what they think, how they move, their truths, what they hide. I owe my creativity to every person I know, ideas come with them.

I am a small part of something big and I understand that ideas are collective, but most of the time that thought limits me, it creates a  feeling that takes me deep inside to find what my imagination is showing me.

I enjoy meeting and connecting with all kind of people, if I can take a picture and represent them with an image, I feel that I can touch the sky, for me that is a prize, I feel honored.

My existentialism seems to grow with me, so I decided to carry it with pride and put a smile on my face, keep my mind and body occupied with more superficial concerns and take as many good photos as I can while I'm alive.

It's hard for me to stay still and sometimes, to concentrate it seems impossible , but I like working hard with myself, time is making me a better human being and photographer.

Once I heard that, "fear is a powerful thing and because it has many firepowers, we should make fear a tailwind and not a headwind", I liked that thought, so I turned it into my mantra.

I am never completely satisfied and I hope I'll never be. "

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